We are one of the best online medicine sellers. You can always trust on Vidalistastore to deliver the medicines tight at your doorstep at the best prices.

  • We have thousands of customers and other non-individual clients in our portfolio who buy medicines from us regularly.
  • We look to provide you with various medicines required for treatment urgently.
  • We buy the medicines directly from the manufacturer and sell them to all via our online website.
  • We are a certified and authenticated medicine portal that has been certified by all the medicines for doing the e-selling of medicines on websites.

India’s leading online seller of medicines on the widest range of medicines

  • We have a wide category of medicines like OTC medicines, oral pills, gels, ointments, syrups, generic drugs, prescription medicines, etc.
  • Whether you have a simple burn or a rash or you need life-saving drugs for example, for the treatment of critical illnesses we have medicines for all types of diseases and disorders.
  • With such a varied base of medicines and a passionate endeavor for the general people, we have been able to build trust in the minds of the people.
  • Today we have thousands of clients from both the domestic and international markets.
  • We are highly praised by all our customers for our high level of customer interaction using online chat facility, email facility, phone call, etc, and the fast delivery of the medicines.

The idea behind us moving to online medicine selling

  • We believe that online medicine selling a business is still new and there are very few entities that are working in this area.
  • But the need for healthcare is shifting more from a physical means to an online means.
  • When you can order your grocery items and food from online e-commerce portals, then why not medicines.
  • Also these days each person is equipped with a smartphone and an internet connection. Then why not book medicines online too.
  • Thus it gave us the courage and enthusiasm to build the portal many years back and today we have grown to become one of the largest e-medicine selling portals.

What we provide you with?

We provide you with values. Of course, we look to sell medicines from our online website.

  • But more than that we also look to cater trust and core values of building a long-term relationship with our clients.
  • We understand the grief and concern when people or their friends, relatives, and family members suffer from a disease or disorder.
  • We look to keep our commitment to our customers by ensuring that the ordered medicines can reach your residence in the shortest possible time.
  • At our organization, each employee understands these core values and looks to work as a unit to provide better services for our customers.

Our journey in the online medicine selling industry

  • We have so far been able to serve the customers and have mostly been able to meet their needs and expectations.
  • We have thousands of customers from both the individual segment like retail individuals who are ordering medicines from our portal.
  • Apart from this, we also have customers from the non-individual segment like polyclinics, hospitals, merchants, vendors, pharmacy and druggist shops who buy medicines from us.
  • We provide the medicines at the same rate to both the individual and nonindividual clients. We keep committed to providing you with better service in the future.

Our client portfolios

  • Our list of client portfolio includes retail individuals from the retail segment.
  • In the wholesale segment, we have hospitals, nursing homes, polyclinics, laboratories, medical research labs, chemist shops, and local shops who also buy medicines from us.

We bring you close to living a perfectly healthy life

  • We look to provide you the best healthy life.
  • At Vidalistastore, we are always concentrated and highly focused on ensuring that our customers who are buying the medicines for their treatment or their near ones.
  • We can ensure that you get it in the shortest time possible to provide them with medicines at the right time of treatment as per the doctor’s treatment plan.
  • We understand that we play a very crucial role sometimes and it is a matter of life and death in this business.
  • Each member from customer service executives to the delivery agents understands this and looks to keep the same level of passion, dedication, and commitment while at work.